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After 30 years raising donkeys health reasons require us to cut the size of our donkey herd at sacrifice prices.
Our donkeys for sale page details some available donkeys.

In 1982 GbarJ started with 2 jennets and 1 jack from the Danby Farm. We now have a herd of 50 plus donkeys bred for size, color, conformation, and disposition; in other words miniature donkeys grow on you! We feel very strongly about sharing information, especially with new owners. 

We have about 60 acres 6 miles north of Hutchinson in the beautiful Sand Hills of south central Kansas; 60 miles northwest of Wichita, KS or 60 miles south of Salina, KS. All of our miniature donkeys have a barn available to them and we have many separate corrals and pastures.

We want our buyers to have the information needed to buy the quality of donkey they will love and be proud of. See our donkeys for sale or come see our outstanding herd of miniature donkeys!     Dr. Gerald & Judy Schrater

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